Hey All!!!

I guess I will not wait as long as I had been lead to believe.... Flight plans for Thursday, August 13, 2009 to Buenos Aires arrived, and these ones seem rather definite.

Everyone is getting anxious to go, and its really distracting to everyone. In order to calm my nerves, I have been reading the Book of Mormon straight through, in order to find my favorites, highlight them, and give away the Book of Mormon on the plane.

In order to blow off steam, as well as boycott our weekly Teriaki Styx meal (which always seems to make us sick) Our zone, a couple of nights ago, decided to drain 4 large containers of cereal in one meal. It was arguably the most entertaining thing I had seen in 9 weeks. 54 Elders, and 4 sisters consumed 238 bowls of Marshmallow Mateys, Life, Frosted Flakes, and Tootie Fruities. It was..... ugh. But it suprised me how dedicated our elders were to the cause. I myself, was only able to consume two bowls, because I was hesitant with the milk because of my recovering from a nasty cold. So I kept tally. One Elder, Elder Vincent, consumed 9 BOWLS of the sugary cereals.

On another note, Hermana Allen left for Buenos Aires yesterday, so Hermana Sorenson became a third companion for me for these last few days. When her roommates leave, she may have to move into our room for a night... Which seems rather odd... but noone can be left alone in a room.

I don't feel ready to go, but I feel that I have gleaned as much as I can from the MTC, so I guess its time for me to get out of here and get to work.


P.S. Just because I am going out of the country, does not mean that you have to start writing me... email me at sunrisenightingale@myldsmail.com or send letters to the pouch. Send one page letters folded into thirds and taped shut without an envelope to the address listed in the sidebar. Just write the address directly onto the paper. This way, you only have to pay in-US postage, and I will still get your letters.

I love you all, and want you to know how much I love you and am praying for you.

-Hermana Sarah Tritsch

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