Hola from the CCM!

Hope all is well in the home front, as I continue my adventures serving the Lord. This week flew by faster than the 747 that will take me to Argentina. All the days seem to meld into one, and I have a hard time, sometimes, telling the days apart.

This week, however, we got to contact a much younger (meaning newer) district the second lesson in Espanol and they returned the favor with lesson 1 in espanol. I know we are not supposed to compare, but I was exited to realize the immense progress I have made in my Spanish compared to a visual and aural reminder of where I was just over a month ago.

Its truly a miracle how fast people learn languages here, and I am glad that the Holy Ghost is my constant "Study Buddy" at the MTC, else, I would be nowere near the place where I am in studying the language. We have learned all of the basic verb conjugations, and now, we are just practicing the application of the language, which, on some days, are better than others.

I know, that the days where I am the least selfish, and the most centered on Christ, both my teaching and my Spanish come quicker and easier.

Update on Samuel: We had another quick phone call with him and officially passed off the main teaching responsibility to the missionaries in his area. He went to visit his mother in the Dominican Republic, but by the time he returns, we will hopefully be proselyting in Argentina, and will be unavailable.

But our hopes are high, because his faith is good, and he has kept all of our commitments, even some more difficult ones, and works heavily on overcoming his problems and learning to depend on God and Jesus Christ.

The last commitment we gave him before he left, was to take his mother with him to church when he visits the Dominican Republic. I hope he does so, so his mother can realise how happy he has become, and can learn more about the gospel that her son has begun to embrace.

I wish him the best of luck and continue to pray mightily for him and his family.

In other news, John H. Groberg visited us with a wonderful fireside about the importance of temples and temple work. He also talked about how much earnest temple attendance can teach us about how to be good missionaries.

He urged us all, in our next temple visit, to ponder about what kind of power are we endowed with when we leave the temple, and how to more efficiently access that power.

One of the things that I have been most quick to learn is that we can't just baptize just anyone, because we need to make sure that they understand and are ready for the bran new life ahead of them. We need to be searching for the Elect, the ready and the willing. Not just anyone, we are not trying to just boost our numbers, but really, honestly, change people's lives and save them through the message of Salvation that only comes through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Its like a giant game of "Where's Waldo" -- missionary-style. We are looking for specific people with specific traits that show their willingness to follow christ through the waters of baptism, through the temple and on to eternal salvation.

I know that as I tune my heart and mind into the spirit the best I can, I know that I will be able to find those who are ready, "already to harvest," even if it takes months and months.

Happiness to all,
Hermana Sarah Tritsch

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