¡Hola familia y amigos!

Anxiously I write today before I find out tomorrow if I stay or go for the next transfer… I cannot believe that I have made it this far! One transfer down, many to go, but it seems like only yesterday I stepped into the MTC and into a life that for a year and a half is not my own. Time goes by so fast and God has blessed me with an amazing companion that I hope will be an eternal friend forever.

I am indebted to her (for more than just the locro) and I know that I will be a better missionary because I knew her… I just hope God will bless me with more time to learn from her and keep us together for at least one more transfer… I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Cada día, I find more and more miracles, like the last person in the world you would think, comes to church, actively reads the Book of Mormon and the change that follows.


We are teaching a 19 year old boy named Mauricio after English Classes. We try to keep English Classes as non-religious as possible to help the students feel comfortable in the capilla and not feel pressured in joining the church, but one day, Mauricio was lingering after class and talking to Hermano Godoy, our Branch Mission Leader, and we finally had the courage to give him a Book of Mormon.

He said that he had been doing a lot of research on his own but he had a lot of questions. So we taught him the first discussion then and there, and presented him with a Book of Mormon.

The next week, he came with a laundry list of questions about the Book of Mormon because he had read the introduction, the testimonies, and the first 15 chapters of 1st Nephi. We answered his questions, and then invited him to come to General Conference to hear the words of modern-day prophets, which he accepted.

The following Sunday was Stake Conference… in Posadas, an hour and a half away. And who were we pleased to see walking up to the comvee? MAURICIO! It was a miracle. La Familia Fortunato had invited him to stake conference and he accepted the invitation! Luz Fortunato, one of the two daughters, made herself his guide throughout the whole day and it was amazing to see what happens when members take an active role in the missionary work.

Miracle #2:

Nora and Oscar, our new converts were not going to come to stake conference, because their 15 year old daughter was not going to go to stake conference, and Nora did not want to leave her while she and Oscar went to Posadas.

So we prayed and worked with Marianna to convince her to go. All almost seemed lost when she went to a quince the night before and would not be back until 3 in the morning, but she said she would and we prayed that she would keep her word.

Then we showed up for the comvee to take us to Posadas, and there she was, tired, but smiling, and Nora could not have a bigger smile on her face if she tried.

Miracle #3

We continue to work with José, and we are still working toward a 26th Baptismal date. But it was almost not that way… Investigators are asked to come to church 3 times before they are baptized, and Stake Conference was going to be #3 for José. Then he got called to the campo to work, and would not be able to make it to Stake Conference.

José knew what that meant, that he could not be baptized without that third time, and it made him very sad. Then Elder Lehite, our district leader, knowing the whole story with José, called Presidente Del Castillo and told him the whole story. Presidente gave us permission to schedule that day regardless, and we get to tell him the good news today.

He still has a hard time remembering at times, so we are trying to be as simple as possible. Trying to teach simply yet quickly is hard, but we pray for him to understand and remember with every prayer we give, so he can be ready for that date.

When miracles like this happen, there really is only one thing to say, “YES I KNOW HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME!”

Happiness and Love to all who need it,
-Hermana Sarah Tritsch

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