Hey All!

Hope everyting is fine on the home front. I am so glad for these weekly letters or maybe I would be fresh out of journal entries... I enter the pench so tired in the nighttime, me da fiaca to write in my journal... We work really hard and Hermana Madariaga helps me be more obedient. She is helping me a TON with my language, we call her the "Gendarme Linguistica" but its exactly what I needed. My other companions never corrected me, so I have picked up alot of nasty habits like, "wear the bus" instead of "take the bus" among other little gut-busters. Well, my companion at least gets a crack out of it... jaja.

This week we were all ahead full with menos activos, and found much success with this. Many people came to church yesterday that had not been at church in a long time, and I like to think that maybe one of our visitas gave them the animo to come to church. The chapel has two sets of banks with the isle in the center, and normally everyone sits on the same side, but yesterday there was so many people that there were also people who had to find space on the other side... Its a little thing but its enough to make a missionary extraordinarily happy.

Now I am going to tell you what it is like during the World Cup in Argentina.... Especially when they are winning. In the United States, there really is not anything like it. There are big, crazy fans in many sports in the United States, but here in Argentina, its really the only sport. Yesterday, Argentina played against Britain (I believe) and the whole city was dead, but we could hear the game playing from all the houses.

When they scored a goal (and from the sound of it, Argentina scored several) The whole of Posadas shouts and cries and makes tons of noise. You could lay down in the middle of a normally very busy street and take a nap if you wanted and nothing would happen to you. And missionary work? You can almost forget it. The only ones that wander the calles are people with black tags. All of our citas told us to come back after the game, and noone wanted to listen to us for fear of losing a goal.

I am quite happy that the United States is no longer in the running for the World Cup. OR it might be dangerous for me to be in the streets. Jaja.

Love Ya,

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