Hey everyone!!
This week went by superfast… Yesterday, I forgot that tomorrow was p-day… but alas, here I am for another entry.

These past few weeks we have had a very high number of new investigators, and we rana round town trying to follow up on them… some of them had little interest, others were not home (on purpose or on accident, we will never know) but others really had some interest… I am a firm believer that when people have interest, they show it quickly… for example one of the new investigators from this past week, Mabel.

Mabel and her family live right next to her sister Yolanda and we started teaching them and their 8 year old daughters, Augustina and Sabrina (They have other little kids that listen, but these are the ony ones that are of baptizing age.) (Mabel´s marido also listens from the doorway…) They both showed a ton of interest, and very quickly put into practice the commitment of family prayer. Mabel is a little shy to pray out loud, so she asks her children to do it. But this last time only Mabel and Augustina listened to the charla. They only have about 20 minutes before we loose the attention of the kids so we teach them one or two principles at a shot. This last time, we taught her and her small children Prophets with the book of pictures Dad sent me (thanks… I really have no idea how this lesson would have went without them) and it went really well. We volunteered a member to come by her house to find her and accompany her to church, and Mabel and Augustina CAME TO CHURCH!!!

It was fantastic! They really enjoyed the meetings and are exited to come back the following week. When we finish with lesson one, I think we are going to be able to put a baptismal date with them. Their desire is sincere, and that is what matters.
Momento Milagroso con Miembros: Remember my circus family, well, Yanina y Yamila, the “little people,” and also Angel, a friend of the Mancuellos got cordially invited by Fabiana, a girl in our Ward, to go watch the Argentina game at the institute, and also attend the class. Milagro de milagros, they went, and very quicky won the hearts of all that are involved… Now… how can we get them to church? Well, Fabi and our ward mission leader, Lucas are working on that, still. I would not doubt that they are going to do it. The invitation of a member to go to church is a million times more powerful than that of a missionary.

We have also been working with Familia Garcia, a married couple that has been members forever, but are now inactive because of the death of their son a few years ago. Her son died in a car crash when he was preparing to go on a mission, so she felt bitter that God took someone away from her that was preparing to serve God.
Well, yesterday was the birthday of the hermana, and we really celebrated it up, with a little cake that we made and candles… it made her so happy that she told us that this next Sunday that she will come to church with a nonmember friend… Its a striking difference from the first time that I know her… all sad and bitter toward the church and God but now really exited to return…

Stuff like cakes, pavadas, really, sometimes can make all of the difference. She is also allowing us to put together a JAS noche de hogar in her house… We were thinking if we fill her house with jóvenes again, it will probably help her reactivate. A little unorthodox, but nothing in a mission is orthodox.

Thanks for Reading this…

Hermana Sarah Tritsch

Drop me a line if you want to at: Sarah.tritsch@myldsmail.net

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