Hey Everyone!

Kind of an uneventful week, but here in Ituzaingó, sometimes no news is good news... we have kind of hit a brick wall with many of our investigators, and those that were progressing either stopped or have big challenges that have nothing to do with the doctrine (i.e. Matrimonio) so we have turned our focus in finding new ones, as well as working more with less active members and recent converts... The members all seem to be fresh out of references for us, so we get to tract the old fashioned way... Door to door.

Blazing hot here, which heats the sand which burns, but at least all the people are outside... makes it easy to find people (they can´t hide from us.... jajaja). It also makes it also easy to find people half naked... one of the unfortunate side affects of working in a beach town... We got temporary relief this morning when it rained torrentially... I am actually wearing a sweater right now, if you can believe it. Its actually okay when it rains on P-day because it did not rain yesterday, Sunday, and tomorrow won´t be so hot, more frescita.

This morning, Hermana Casco and I took a photo tour of Ituzaingó, took lots of pictures before we got rained out... I am sending you some of the good ones, as well as the picture I promised you last time. I really love being with Hermana Casco. She´s a little quiet, but super patient and super understanding... the members have taken to her right away.

I have been super obssessed in my personal study with the idea of covenants… I was reading in the Book of Mormon about the 2,000 stripling warriors, and I thought it was cool that they were willing to go war to defend the covenant thier parents made… a covenant that was not even their own, because that was how important it was... and I got to thinking that my parents have made covenants too, eternal marriage, and even though I haven´t yet taken that covenant, I am earnestly fighting to preserve the sanctity of the covenant that my parent´s made, a covenant that I hope to make too someday, but not yet.

And then the thought entered my mind that it did not say they would not MAKE weapons, just that they would not USE them, and a really funny-cool picture entered my mind that the 2,000 stripling warriors had to be outfitted, and their parents had to use the talents and skills almost-forgotten, that the sons probably had never seen them use before, to defend and outfit their sons. That probably suprised the pants of the 2,000 stripling warriors, to see their parents doing all of that.

Food for thought

Until next week.
Hermana Tritsch

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