Hey everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the Spanish lesson last week, but here I am reporting again in my native English… hehe.

Traslados happened again, and I find myself, for the fifth transfer in a row, still wandering the dusty streets of Ituzaingó – this time with a new companion… Hermana Laura Ayelen Casco. Hermana Araya is busy abrasando su mama in Chile right now, hopefully happy to be home, and missing her mission too.

Hermana Casco is super awesome… she has almost 16 months in her mission and will likely “die,” o sea, finish her mission in Ituzaingó, like Hermana Araya… They say that everyone starts or finishes their missions in Ituzaingó… I guess it still holds true. She is from Chubut, Argentina, although she is been here so long, she feels like she really is from Corrientes Capital – her last area.

Our numbers were uncomfortably low this past week although with preparing Hermana Araya to go and Hermana Casco to come, then travelling to find her, last minute meetings, and despididos, we really only had about 2 and a half days to really work… But that’s no excuse… goals are goals.

But this week is without disruption, so we can really see how we work together… I think it will be awesome… She is really chill… its very easy to be at peace and I don´t know what it is, but its much easier to have patience with others and myself when she is with me… she gushes tranquility, which is really funny because her main hobby is all things circus-clown oriented… The goofy kind not the scary kind.

Sorry I don´t have a picture of her yet… Well, I do, but I forgot my camera in the apartment, so I don´t have it now… I will send some next week, I promise.

Still dying of the heat… although I am perfectly happy here if it means not going to Formosa.
We are still working heavily with Débora, trying to make sure she starts her new mormon life on the right foot… it’s a little difficult, with the problems aforementioned, but I think she will survive… live up to the task. To help our cause… we are working heavily to reactivate her family… difficult, yes. Improbable? Definitely. Worth the effort? A million times over.

Well I gotta bounce, sorry this one´s short and all that jazz, but I miss you all and thanks for your letters of support and love… I got a stack the day after I wrote my last blog.

Hermana Tritsch

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