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Now is time for a weekly blog from yours truly.


In the MTC there is a program were volunteers come in and act as mock investigators, and then us missionaries set up appointments to practice our language and teach them.

Up until last week, only part of the appointment had to be in Spanish -- the "Get to Know you" part or the "Lets order Food" part. But they threw us a curveball for this weeks appointment, when we were informed that we would teach the first lesson entirely in Spanish as well... We taught a woman who, according to the teaching record had been coming to church with her husband's brother, but only because she desired unity in her family. She had taken the discussions years before, but only now, wished for the missionaries to return.

We first had to practice ordering food, and it was terrible for me, because I could not remember the words for anything food-related. I think I have been studying gospel terms so much that normal everyday people conversation kind of got left by the wayside. We were also supposed to share a scripture and spiritual thought, then arrange to come back to teach the first lesson -- supposedly.

What really happened was an awful massacre in the form of a terrible mix of English and Spanglish -- at least on my part. But I have been learning spanish for five weeks -- surely it couldn't have been that bad -- in the circumstances. But we were so nervous, that we even forgot to "bless" the food that we "ordered"... es muy terrible!

We returned ten minutes later (after one last-ditch plea for help from the Lord), and taught a great lesson about how the gospel brings unity to the family, both eternal and temporal. We talked about God being our Heavenly Father desires unity among His children within the protecting power of the gospel.

I think Hermana Greene and I did fairly well for our first shot for all the marbles. But we do have to give credit where credit is due -- we had been praying every spare second for guidance and knowledge, and the Holy Ghost really had been our "Third Companion" in the lesson, and through that, we were able to teach, even if we could not remember some of the words.

On Sunday, during Relief Society, former-President Margaret Nadauld of the Young Womens came and gave a Relief Society lesson that was just amazing about the power that we have as Sister Missionaries. She called us "Her Girls" because she was the President when most of us were Mia Maids, and it was so great to hear from her again.

I got to meet her afterward too, and SISTER NADAULD......HUGGED ME! I wish I could have gotten a picture, but they wouldn't let me. but it was really a wonderful Sunday.

Tonight is another Devotional, and people are as tight-lipped as ever as to who is speaking, but I get to sing with the choir, and I know whomever it is will be amazing. Stay tuned for another episode to find out who...

All my love,
Hermana Sarah Tritsch

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