Everyone who can and will ever read this,

My mind and heart are both full as I write today with the events that happened over the past week.

With a million things running through my mind its hard to know where to begin. Last week, the new mission presidents reported to the MTC for a week of seminars and training, and thus, the whole main building and many other parts of the MTC campus were inaccessible to us normal missionaries. This made it easier on security because all of the twelve apostles and every member of the first presidency came to the seminar for the mission presidents.

Because of the Swine flu scare, everything was locked down and there were very few real sightings of any authorities, but the thought of Apostles and prophets here made everyone exited, even if we never saw them... Unfortunately, I was one of them, but I know I felt their spirit, even though I never saw them or talked to them personally.

Then the Devotional happened. The devotional, which had been moved to Friday to accomodate the Mission Presidents was something I will never forget for as long as I live. I am sitting in the Choir waiting for the devotional to start, as oblivious as everyone else as to the identity of the speaker. Then L. Tom Perry walks in! But it gets better, he is soon followed by Elders Cook, Bednar, Oaks, Anderson, and Christofferson, acting like giddy teenagers around our favorite celebrity, me and the others in my district mused at the marvel that they were all there in one place and then which of them would be honored to hear as our speaker.

Then, right before it started, the speaker walked in -- Jeffery R. Holland! (In case you are keeping tally, that rounds it out to seven apostles in one place!) I love hearing him so much, that it was such a treat to hear from him. He talked about the power of the Holy Ghost and something he coined as the "Divine Companionship."

One of my favorite things he said was, "The Holy Ghost must be with you because it is the way your lesson ceased to be your lesson and becomes His". (meaning Heavenly Fathers) He commented that if we work our hardest to make sure the Holy Ghost is our "Third Companion" on our mission, he will be the key that connects our investigators and ourselves to the Godhead.

And then he ended in the best way possible. He takes a long pause, and he says, slowly and deliberately, "WELCOME TO THE WORK OF ANGELS.... YOU ARE THE ANGELS." and I loved it because it reminded me of my missionary plaque scripture Alma 13:24 (Don't have time to write it, look it up in your nearest Book of Mormon) and made me feel as if I was part of something much bigger and nobler than myself, and it made me realize that I made the absolutely correct descision in coming here, and I truly am in the right place at the right time.

And even though I never shook a prophet or an apostle's hand, even though one never looked me in the eye, at that singular instant I realized that these men know what we need. They know our situation and what we need to hear. I know that these apostles and prophets really do act as the mouthpiece of our Heavenly Father, and I know as we listen to their teachings, God will pour out blessings so big that, "there will not be room enough to recieve them."

I am honored that God would trust me with the "Work of Angels", as Elder Holland said, and I know that he loves me very much and has a divine destiny for all of us.

I urge all that read this to find out what their own divine destiny is and join in the work of angels and share with the world the testimony they hold near and dear to their hearts.

Lets be missionaries together forever,

Hermana Sarah Jennifer Tritsch

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