Hola Familia y Amigos Queridos!

This past week went by so fast and every week I am as suprised as ever to see the number of my blog ever increase.... my mother was so kind remind me that I have 96 days before I touch American Soil... Thanks for that... Really.

But we work hard and try our hardest to achieve our goals...

One really cool thing: since the zone conference when they talked about working with part member families and less active families, we have found, by divine design several part member families that we did not even know existed. Nilia and Miguel Candia we found door to door contacting. When my companion recieved a really special prompting that we should talk to Nilia... and turns out that her marido, Miguel is a member less active!!! we are working really hard with the family... we have to help them get married, but It doesn´t seem like it will be a problem because they are in love with each other. They seem to soak up the doctrine like sponges and they love the promises that the gospel brings.

Then, not this sunday, but last, Angel y Elisabet Almendra came to church, Angel is a member and Elisabet isn´t but they decided to come to chuch so we went and visited them... Upon our arrival, we realized that we had already been to this house and talked to an old man... who was Elisabet´s Father. At the time we did not feel inspired to come back, but God just pushed us back into this house. Angel came to chuch this week, and is anxious to try to get back into activity, because he is ex-misionero.

We also went to Jose and Gladis Salazar... A couple less active that happens to be DEAF! Hermana Papenfuss and I got up the courage one day and went and visited them. We went there and Gladis was outside, and she saw us and put an angry look on her face and when she got closer, I showed her my tag, and her face completely changed and she became very happy to see us. She told us that when she saw us she thought we were Jehova´s witnesses because there is a deaf congregation of them, and they always come, but she immediately let us in and through a mix of botched sign language/paper conversation and lots of scriptures....

I realized that American Sign Language and Argentinian Sign Language are different, but not all that different. God is the same, Jesus is the same, and the sign for "I love you" too. I am not sure how effective it all was, but I felt the spirit really strong, and Gladis prayed and it was really beautiful. and then we all cried.

Later in the week, for week of Service, the ward cleaned up a local school, that was a school in which many of the adult members went to Elementary School. It was really cool to help them out in a place that was really close to their hearts. There was a great fondness, even though the school itself was in rough shape. Lots of dirt, and lots of repairs, but it was awesome to see all the work we had done.

Well time is up, and I miss you all, and just remember, by the next time I write I will be 23.

Hermana Tritsch

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