Greetings from the other side of the world!!!

My poor compi manages to survive without the suitcase that had the majority of the clothes, which was lost somewhere between Atlanta and Buenos Aires... its supposed to come today, after a great fight for it in the office "Elder, where is her suitcase?" "I don´t know, I was gonna call them today." "no, you will call them now." "I am kinda busy right now." "Elder, she has two changes of clothes, what would you do if you only had two changes of clothes?" "Okay I will call them now and call you back in 10 minutes." "Thank you elder, muy ambable."

But she still does not have them... I might need to call them again, jaja.

Back in our area, We also went to see a part member family as a direction of Elder Foster that we had originally written off, and we taught the grandfather (Pedro), who is a member, the granddaughter (Rosita), whom we had taught previously, but we stopped visiting because she stopped coming to church, and the grandmother (Rosa), an evangelista that has never been so friendly with us. We tried to get the First discussion out, but it was almost impossible, but the really cool thing happened when Rosita, the granddaughter started defending the church against her grandmother, she gave an awesome testimony (although I can´t imagine that she knew that was what it was called) which nearly silenced the grandmother.

It really suprised us, because we had almost given up hope on Rosita, but her testimony was strong, and expressed a desire to come to church, and to eventually be baptized. We are going to start working more with Rosita and her family to see if we can´t instil a little peace and help out Rosita with her desire to be baptized.

But the highlight of the week was something that noone expected ni planned for.

On Wednesday, we were also suprised to find out that the Father of Jorge Alvarenga, my convert, wanted to seriously move forward with his baptism after a big spiritual conviction he recieved after a Noche de Hogar and a night of prayer. "YO QUIERO BAUTIZARME YA!!!" and so we arranged with the bishop and we, with our Ward Mission Leader, put together a baptism in four days.

But it was really special, because, he had many years learning about the gospel, and a rough road at that. Had to quit drinking and doing all sorts of other feo things, but after 3 months sober, he had his answer and could not wait long enough to be baptized. We orginized it that his son, Jorge would do the baptizing, and with the suprise of everyone, it went off without a hitch.

Many people thought he would never get to this day, especially because he had a baptismal date before, and failed the baptismal interview, but I felt that this baptism, I could clearly see the atonement taking over in a man that many people thought would never turn around. It just goes to show you that the mercy of Christ is sufficient to pardon all sins, not because sin is little, but because His mercy is so great.

The spirit was so strong, I had never felt it so strong, I never got to see someone get baptized who had to change so much, but he did it. He changed. and now he is clean, and he is so happy. in his own words, "yo siento como estoy en el aire."

I know that the atonement is real, and now, I can see it even more than ever. I am glad that God let me stay here a little while longer to witness it.

Les Amo Mucho,
Hermana Tritsch

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