Hey All!

Time is devestatingly short, so I am going to type fast... Enjoy this group of random pics from the few past weeks... I lost my card reader, but I just bought a new one so I am sending you a ton. This is my curly-haired companion, Hermana Madariaga... Really she has become one of my best friends in my mission. She´s fiercely dedicated, so its not very hard to work at a fast pace and help many people.

This past week has been dreadfully cold... the coldest it has been in years, and everyone says so, and I have had a rough battle with a cold, that its been rather difficult to shake. Last Tuesday was the worst, but I am better now. I have been trying to take it easy, but its hard to do that when you have the words of presidente whispering in your ear, "Ponga su salud en su mochila y pongase a trabajar." So we bundle up and put on two skirts and four pairs of socks and three sweaters (including my Aggie Sweatshirt, because it is warm, and hide its non-missionary nature under other, more appropriate ones) and get to work.

I think God is blessing our sacrifices, because despite the cold and rain that we have had for almost a week, We are finally meeting many of our goals (still no baptisms. but Baptisms are not everything). But I am so exited to see the ward rally around one of our families. We have had a really cold winter, and noone has been prepared for it, and Familia Cabaña (Mabel and Armin) live in very dire circumstances... a wood house with many openings, and no insulation, and little good clothing to help them aguantar el frio... but the ward is fiercely attatched to this family, and the Relief Society is putting together clothes and blankets for them, and the Elders Quorum is organizing to go over and fix up the shack, so the breezes don´t come in and attack the children... All of this without the family knowing, by the way. Even though it may be awhile until the family can be baptized, a service the size the ward has been planning is not easily forgotten.

The people in this ward are not rich in money, by any means, but they are rich in heart and have a great capacity to work miracles in Posadas. I am truly blessed to work in posadas with these people, I love them, and I will miss them, not only the investigators, and the people that I have had the privelege to see baptized but everyone. And when I think that I only have about 3 transfers after this one left, It reminds me that everything is so dreadfully temporary... Well the work isn´t, and God isn´t, but my time to labor here is.

I love you and miss you all, and can´t wait to see you all upon my return, I can´t promise that I will be home for Christmas, but definitely by new years. (although, for me, it feels like Christmas right now... except I don´t hear the music.)

Love Ya,

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