One of the final pieces of the puzzle, for familia Palacio, the daughter, Andrea finally entered the waters of baptism this past Saturday. Her mother and Sister got baptized some weeks ago, but Andrea needed a little more preparation and teaching, she also had to quit smoking and other things that she had to take care of... So when she finally entered the waters of baptism, it was like a triumphal entry. I really love this family and I am so happy that I could be part of the miracle for her.

Our last lesson with her before her baptism was a scripture study of Alma 24 about the Anti-nephi-lehis and how we need to bury our sins deep in the earth to show our determination not to return and do the same sins over and over again, and how God blessed them with power and protection, we then turned it on her, that all the changes that she has made in her life are really wonderful, and that she has to bury her past life deep in the earth to show God her seriousness and her repentance, and that she is doing it now, and God is already blessing her for it.

But the cool part about this did not happen until sunday, She had an awesome experience while she was recieving the Holy Ghost, she says that she could literally feel the Spirit entering her body, from the top of her head gradually descending right into her toes, and when she was done, she felt so empowered that she felt that she could conquer anything bad that could ever happen.

It really is a miracle when the people whom we help begin to recognize the power and the protection for themselves and not for what we say or what anyone else says.

I know that the power is real, the salvation and the atonement is real, because I can see the power of God changing lives for the better, and I know that when lives are better, it is because of the influence of God, and noone else. I love the happiness that our Heavenly Father offers us and that Jesus Christ brings us, and I know that this happiness exists, even in the furthest reaches of Argentina. You just need to ask anyone that is really, truly, smiling, and you will know.

Con Amor,
Hermana Tritsch

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