Hope everything is going very well in the states as I write from the hot confines of the Macau cyber in Ituzaingó, Corrientes.

This week was an adventure and a half, to say the least, as I mended from my nightmare of a cold. Because as soon as I was on the mend, my poor compi inherited the same sickness... except for worse... because she was so worse off that she could not walk, let alone work, and we spent most of the afternoon Tuesday in the pension as she slept... Between the two of us, we had produced a missionary´s weight in snot... But we are all okay now.

This made evident by us setting a companionship record on Saturday by teaching 21 lessons in one day. We went to bed tired as ever, and slept hard, knowing we did good work.

Thursday, Hermana Sena, the same woman that fed me cow face, decided to treat us with a nice healthy helping of cow stomach... Mondongo as its called. They did not tell me what it was at first, but I kind of guessed as I smelled it... It smelled and looked like the Zoo. The worst part was that she and her mother were happily feasting on baked chicken and rice as we were suffering through it. The thing is, Mondongo is really expensive, so when you are served it, its a big sacrifice for the family, so you just have to find a way to choke it down if you can. Hermana Schmutz and I were still fairly sick, so we got away without having to eat too much, though.

Sunday morning, was Dia de la Madre in Argentina, and saddened that we couldn´t call our mothers because it was not Mothers day in our own country, we started the day by hunting down one of our menos activos, Juana Baez. We get to her house, and she is already to go, which is a good sign, because we normally wake up people we drop by to take them to church. Then we are walking, and we are almost there, but we needed to pass by Noemi, one of our investigator´s house, to pick up her and her son, so we ask if we can meet her there, she agrees, and we run off to collect Noemi. We get to church with Noemi and Juana Baez does not show up... between the five minutes it takes to get to the chapel from where we left her, she must have got lost or something because she never showed up. I sure hope she is okay. We are going to visit her later this week.

The church services were the day of Hermanas Misioneras, because Presidente Mohor and half the rama went out of town for Dia de la Madre and in their place we were assigned... everything. We taught the relief society lesson, taught the activity in Primary (making handprints of the kids for the moms on mother´s day) and gave the talks in sacrament meeting. It was a headache and a half, running back and forth doing everything, and my first talk in Spanish was probably a disaster but I really don´t know enough spanish to know if it was a disaster or not. I had never been so nervous for a talk in my life.

Today, we went to the casa of Flia Gomez, and Hermana Gomez taught us how to make empanadas and the tapa (dough) from scratch. They were fantastic, and I can´t wait to share it when I get back from Argentina. The key? Pig fat. We also made them a chocolate cake as a gift for all they have done to help us in the obra misional from the recipe that Dad sent me. In fact, they are the fourth family we have made a chocolate cake. Everyone wants the recipe and I still have to translate it. Its a fantastic recipe and it bakes really well, but I really don´t want to see another piece of chocolate cake for awhile.

I am gaining my footing here. Its hard at times, and I don´t know what to do, but I feel more and more comfortable as the days continue. One thing I have learned is that you can prepare and sacrifice and pray for the Holy Ghost to be with you when you teach, but if the investigator does not want to feel it, or refuses to recognize it, it really does not matter. Thats our job as missionaries, to help people come to the desire to have the gospel change them, then the Holy Ghost and Christ can do the rest.

I urge everyone to let the Holy Ghost touch you and change you, its the first step to allowing Christ to save you.

All my love,
Hermana Sarah Tritsch

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